Making a difference (part 3) – Current polls, petitions and surveys

Here are some more things you can do to make a difference.

There are always some opinion polls, surveys, petitions etc to sign, and here is a list of current suggested polls in which you might be interested, along with their closing dates:

Leveson Enquiry (#Leveson2, closing date 10/01/2017, 5pm) 
If you think the press needs stronger regulation, then consider signing this. Led by the legendary @hackedoff , this is a continuation of the Leveson Enquiry about the phone hacking scandal, mainly involving News International.

The guidance on the @hackedoff site gives a template suggesting responses, which include this explanatory note:

This consultation is no substitute for Leveson’s 15-month inquiry which concluded, after receiving evidence from hundreds of expert witnesses, that that there should be new costs rules to incentivise publishers to join a recognised regulator.

Parliament enacted section 40 on the basis that it would be commenced, not that commencement was discretionary.

On the contrary, the Government promised the public and Parliament many times that the incentives in the cross-party agreement would be delivered.

Victims of press abuse need access to justice to take action against those newspapers who have not accepted Leveson style approved regulation. S.40 delivers that.

It is clear that many newspapers will not sign up to independent regulation without powerful incentives.’




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