Man of the people

I’m not going to mention him by name here, but let’s just call him ‘Voldemorte’ (for the Harry Potter fans among you, that should be sufficient).

I’ve never liked establishment figures masquerading as being ‘of the people’, and I resent the implication that someone represents me, when they do not – you might have noticed that by my current profile image too.

I’ve never liked self-important, self-appointed, self-serving politicians, the BNP, unfairness, smugness, rich people who claim expenses, blind-subservience, Piers Morgan or Ferrero Rocher either. Imagine my disdain when someone containing features of all of those things becomes convinced that he is some sort of deity. Imagine also that he demands unerring reverence too, and speaks in terms which suggests that many of the good things and good people in the world are ignored, and that I am told by this man and his supporters that racists, homophobes and bigots are in fact ‘right’.

They are not ‘right’. He is not ‘right’. They are right-wing extremists and not fit for ministerial office. Thankfully, Voldemorte has never been an MP, and never will be (I’m cheering up now). Voldemorte is an MEP, but not a useful or well-respected one, and he’s not even the self-appointed leader of anything at present (I’m really cheering up now).

He is not a ‘Man of the People’, he is (to quote Will Self) a ‘grubby little opportunist’ and one day the forelock-tugging of his followers will turn to disbelief that he has caused them such financial hardship and a lessening in protection via the removal of workplace regulations.

I suspect he’ll get drunker than usual and throw himself into his moat one moonlit night.




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