There aren’t many heroes left

2016 has been a rubbish year, particularly for the deaths of many people who were classed (by many) as heroes.

Almost everyone in the UK is likely to regard at least one of the following people as a hero: Muhammad Ali, Gene Wilder, David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, John Glenn, Prince, George Michael, Ronnie Corbett, Carrie Fisher, Terry Wogan, Victoria Wood, Alan Rickman.

There are fewer heroes at the end of 2016 than there were at the start, and even fewer of the real heroes (some of whom also appear in the list above) who fought in World War II. Veterans of WWI and WWII are the real heroes, as they fought for what we have, and for what we so easily give away.

In 2017, we will be looking for new heroes for a new age. And they will need to replace the divisive anti-heroes who have come to the fore during 2016.


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