Seeking ideas for new anti-Brexit campaigns

The lack of solidity from May etc continues to shock. This blog and my tweets are intended to provide a starting point for those unhappy with Brexit to find groups who are rallying supporters or organising protests or campaigns.

I am now seeking ideas for new campaigns. These might involve online actions and campaigns, or real life. I might be able to garner support, or offer it. If you have specific ideas for anti-Brexit and pro-common sense campaigns, please get in contact touch and I would be happy to discuss it.

Ahead of the triggering of A50, there are a lot of unhappy people at present…if you need ¬†proof, just watch the ITV coverage of last Saturday’s anti-Brexit march and count those 120k+ angry, but polite, people. I am in that footage somewhere!

There are other places to look to see support too. If you didn’t watch Question Time last night it was (for once) quite evenly managed and at least mentioned many of the important angles.

The pendulum has swung as far right as we are getting to let it!

The triggering of A50 might now be inevitable, but now the fight begins…for instance you can make a difference online immediately. Pick a battle and win it.