Moving On

There is no way we can accept bigotry and injustice and just ‘move on’. How can someone who has done more than anyone else in recent political history to divide the country suggest that we have to ‘unite’? Theresa May is desperate and clueless.

In 1975, there was a referendum to join the EEC. The result was 67% in favour of joining. Did the Eurosceptics shut up? No, of course not, because in 2016, there was a referendum which was won narrowly by 52% in favour of leaving the EU. Did that shut up those wanting to remain in the EU? No, of course not: If someone tells you to ‘Move on’, then tell them that is not the way democracy works.

In a similar way, if I voted Labour in one General Election, but the Conservatives won, should I be expected to ‘move on’ and embrace the Conservatives forever? Of course not.

Personally, I am waiting for the next chance to exercise my right to vote to rejoin the EU and I know others are too.

I am waiting for the ‘Ferrero Rocher’ approach to populism to wane (Ferrero Rocher are shiny, tasteless and over-rated too)


What can I do to stop Brexit?

Did you vote Remain? Or did you vote Leave and now regret it?

Were you disgusted by the twisting of stories published in newspapers (or by divisive, racist opinions on the TV)? Do you see Brexit distracting our elected public servants from saving the NHS? Have you watched the value of the pound fall and your holiday costs rise? Are you a business owner who is now facing increased import costs? Are your living costs going up?  Are you ashamed of the increases in hatred and racism in everyday life (or on Social Media)?  Or are you worried that this racial hatred might spill over into real life?

If you answered ‘Yes’ or ‘Abso-f*-lutely’ to any or all of the above, then you need to take action.

Racists have been encouraged by the Referendum in June, and it must continue to be challenged.

Personally, I am ashamed of what our Government has done, and continues to do.

Do you want to do something about it? Well, there is plenty you can do about it.

Take a stroll through my blog, and I’ll endeavour to give you ideas and links to sites you might never have known existed, but which fit your particular grievances with Brexit perfectly.

If you are upset or disturbed by things you see in newspapers or online media, then there are you can do to make a difference.

For starters, you can report posts to Twitter and Facebook. Twitter and Facebook can’t get to all of it fast enough, and some of it might be relatively low-level, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore it and Twitter in particular has modified its method of reporting troublesome tweets recently and is getting quicker at responding too, so don’t leave it to someone else. If you see something offensive, report it. If it makes you angry enough, report similar tweets fromthe same offending account. Accounts do get suspended, and tweets do get removed. Sometimes the poster can get shamed into removed the post too, so that is always worth a try. I have reported posts via Twitter and Facebook, and it is a relatively painless process.

You’ll find more about Twitter and Facebook elsewhere in my blog, so here’s a little about other actions.

For instance, do you know someone (or have you met someone online) who was a member of the far-right and who how wants to make amends? If so, there is an interesting initiative called ‘Exit UK’ which is a network of former Far Right activists trying to put things right. You can put people in touch with Exit UK directly via their website. Exit UK can be found at .

Write to your MP. If you put your case convincingly enough, then it is quite possible to make a difference by writing to your MP. Anything that can remind politicians to put their duty above their party has to be a good thing. Be polite, do your research on your MPs position and don’t accept ‘no’ for an answer. If you don’t know who your MP is, then find out here by typing in your postcode: Who is my MP?

Write to your MEP: Not many people know who their MEP is, and frankly, neither do I yet. I do know that there are several for my region, and that a few at least are UKIP. How and when this happened is a bit of a mystery to me, which goes to show that awareness needs to be improved…so here’s the link containing a ‘clickable’ UK map: Who is my MEP?

So, I’ve just found out that 3 out of 7 Eastern region MEPs are members of UKIP, so I clearly have some letters to write. I will find out more about contacting MEPs, and will blog it here.

There are other actions you can take, for instance: Complaining to IPSO, complaining to the BBC, etc, all of which I will discuss in future blog posts.

In the meantime, get writing to protect your country and your rights as EU citizens!

I hate Brexit

I hate Brexit. I hate the way it threatens the prosperity of my country & distracts public servants from their duty.

I hate the way it divides my country and makes friends and fellow citizens feel unwelcome and unappreciated.

I hate the way it encourages racism and  homophobia.

I hate the way it pretends to represent the ‘people’ but won’t entrust the people with what it actually means.

I hate the way it is already reducing what I can afford to buy and where I can afford to go.

I hate the way it threatens my livelihood and those of others.

I hate that it will remove workplace protections and other rights which I’d thought were permanent.

Why do you hate Brexit?