Making a difference – join a pro-Remain group

If you feel strongly that the UK will not benefit from leaving the EU, then why not join a pro-Remain group?

Find like-minded individuals with ideas and suggestions on how to make a difference.

Here is a list for starters:

Britain for Europe is an alliance of local, regional and national groups, all sharing the same aim of staying in the EU. Get involved! The long list of groups can be found here.

European Movement has a focus on getting involved, with campaigns, events in your area, and the all-important Mythbusters section. The Fight Isn’t Over!

InFacts is a journalist-based group dedicated to making the best of post-referendum Britain. The group fights against a destructive Brexit with up-to-date news and comment, articles, a great MythBusters section, and animation too.

Scientists for EU is a campaign group dedicated to keeping the UK in the EU. Science is increasingly international, so it is madness to isolate our scientific community?

Got any suggestions? Get in contact via Twitter.